Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dunnigan Trafalis Man Crush Watch

In a hopefully continuing feature, Tigercatatonia documents the man crush TSN commentator Matt Dunnigan has on Ticat third string quarterback Adam Trafralis.

"Hamilton in 2009; it was Quinton Porter, Kevin Glenn and Adam Tafralis. In 2010, things changed slightly to look like this - Glenn, Porter and Tafralis, and I would not be surprised to see Tafralis leap frog Porter by the end of the year. That's just me folks, but I'm just saying."

The corollary is of course, Dunnigan's dislike for Porter. Which brings up a potential question, what happens Glennwise if the Cats lose the next two games against Montreal and Saskatchewan on the road? The Cats are nine point underdogs currently on the road against the Alouettes which seems perhaps a bit high. Depends on how Glenn plays one would think.

Here's a good story in the Spec by columnist Paul Wilson on the stadium site issue. I still think that council will end up going with East Mountain site. It is tough for the West Harbour site when the ward councilor Bob Bratina is himself against the location plus all the suburban councilor votes. I'm glad to see people speaking up and getting organized against the East Mountain site, but as I said, getting the councilors to go against Bob Young's $15 million will be difficult.

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