Friday, July 16, 2010

Ticats versus Bombers Half Time, Dave Stala Edition

What I had to go through to watch this game here in Germany.But I managed to watch some of it and I'm liking what I see so far, apart from Deangelis sucking yet again. At least no one returned a missed field goal for a TD.

Anyways, home boy Dave Stala is en fuego, with eight catches for 112 yards in the first half. I smell top Canadian and maybe even top offensive player this week. Glenn was 19 for 23 for 227 yards and 2 TDs which was awesome. Kind of sad the Cats are only up by 14, considering the defence is booting some Bomber ass too. Oh wait, that's Deangelis' fault. Here's hoping the second half is more of the same.

Nice pick by Knowlton.

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