Thursday, July 22, 2010

CFL Predictions, Week 4, Part A

Hamilton at Montreal
Last I checked, the Alouettes are favoured by 7 for their home opening, but I did see it as high as 9 which seems a bit high. Then again, Montreal was perfect at home last year. Montreal receiver Kerry Watkins is listed as questionable which would certainly help the Cats, considering how many time he has burned them in the past. Montreal didn't look that great offensively last week in BC, so the question is can the Hamilton defence bottle up Calvillo enough so the offence gets some chances to mount some drives. Or vice versa. Who are the Cats this year? Worse than the Argos or equalling Montreal? Obviously as a fan, I would prefer the Cats win, but all I can say is that they will cover the spread.
Montreal 26, Hamilton 20

BC at Toronto,
Curiously BC is favoured by two on the road in Argoland. The Argo offence hasn't burnt up the CFL this year, but neither has BC and Printers is injured in some fashion. The Argos do apparently possess an excellent defence which one can't really say about the Lions. Sure Cleo Lemon has some below mediocre passing numbers, but running back Cory Boyd was excellent last week, so look to the Argos to lean on him like a crack addict on his a sister who hasn't quite given up on him. Bizarre to say, but you really have to favour the Argos to go 3 and 1 after this game. No one would have expected that before the season, but maybe that just illustrates the suck that was Bart Andrus.
Toronto 23, BC 12

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